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Lori from Atlanta wrote on May 19, 2022
Fred and I became friends at Cornell. When I woke this morning, he was on my mind so I thought I’d say hello here and thank your family for keeping your memory alive. I page through the lovely book your mom put together often.
Damon Monteferrante from Ocean NJ wrote on September 10, 2021
Thinking of you and others today. You were a great guy and always kept me laughing. You are missed. RIP.
Tim Moran from Bronx wrote on September 10, 2021
Still remembering you same time every year. You kept me laughing in those three years we played baseball together. RIP.
Michael Fein from Sands Point wrote on September 11, 2020
Remembered and missed today and always...
Tim Moran from Bronx wrote on September 11, 2020
I always think about you this time every year Fred. Always had a lot of laughs with you during school baseball. Eighth grade was your best year. You hit a lot of Homers that year.
Rob Scheinman from Dix Hills wrote on September 11, 2019
You haven't left my thoughts. I moved this past year and while packing I stumbled across the hard covered book that you father sent to me. It was loaded with great pictures and stories. You clearly are missed everyday. -Shiney
Chris Georges from Brooklyn wrote on September 11, 2019
I am having a very fine fruit punch juice in your honor today Freddie. Miss you!
Tim Moran from New City wrote on September 10, 2019
I think about you every time this year. R.I.P. buddy.
Tim Moran from New City wrote on September 11, 2018
Brian Kennedy from Clarkstown North still remembers your athletic prowess. He said you taught him a lot about how to play basketball.
Ellen Paborsky Krugel from Michigan wrote on September 11, 2015
Thinking of you and your family today and often. xxoo
Tommy Strohmenger from Brooklyn,NY wrote on September 11, 2015
Freddy - it never gets old and it never gets easier. Checked out the gym at Baco and it looked great. I loved how you made us record and write down every set, rep, and weight on our little index cards. "why do we have to write all this down?" "because we want to get bigger Tommy and not look like jokes!" Man, you were the best...hands down
Rob Scheinman wrote on September 11, 2014
Unreal how time flies. You haven't left my thoughts. Rob
Tommy Strohmenger from Brooklyn, NY wrote on September 11, 2014
Freddy, miss ya more and more each year. You would not be impressed in my weight training regiment currently. One look at me and cardio for days. Love and miss ya. All my best to the Gabler clan and extended Baco family. We are the best! Love, Tommy Strohmenger
Chris Georges from Brooklyn wrote on September 11, 2014
Fredrick Da Bug. Guess what?, the big guy is getting married in 65 days!!! Unreal right? You will be happy to hear that im back down to my high school weight. Strict diet and exercise. Miss you guy, much love!!!
Michael Fein from New York, NY wrote on September 11, 2013
Writing on 9/11 but you're thought of often.
Benji Gabler from Jerusalem, Israel wrote on September 11, 2013
Lots of love from us here in the Holy Land. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your day of grief. Benji, P'nina, Uriel, Yosef and Elisha Gabler
Tommy Strohmenger from Brooklyn, NY wrote on September 11, 2013
Freddy! I cant believe it's been over a decade since you hazed me. I miss you buddy! Good thing Nagel is still around to blow me up. You were such a great influence, mentor, friend, and a lot more. Thanks for everything. Much love to all the Gablers and extended Baco family.
Vino from NY, NY wrote on September 11, 2013
Still giving us all heavy hearts 12 years later you big lummocks. We miss you and are torn up thinking about what would have and should have been for you and all of us together. Thankfully, Alexis is everything you would have hoped for and worked tirelessly to help shape. Mindy and your family have been incredible stewards of your legacy and we all will always love you. Vino
Chris Georges from BK, NY wrote on September 11, 2013
This still hurts 12 yrs later. Miss ya bud. my fantasy team is called Da Bugs in honor of you. Thanks for all the physical and mentally beatdown at Baco. I guess they were deserved after i stole numerous very fine drinks from under your bed. hahaha. Also, you will be very happy to know i still bet the over on MNF and now all primetime game. its made me a fortune. here to a true legend. love ya
Jaime Hazan from Jersey city, NJ wrote on September 12, 2012
Hey Fred, When my family moved to Dellwood Park when I was 8 years old, it was you who I hung out with, rode bikes with, build secret forts with. It was you who sold me my very first Playboy centerfold. (Thanks for that - you charged me more then the cost of the entire mag)...good business sense aside, today I visited GZ and found the exact place I spent most of my time searching as a rescue worker. I wish I found you old friend - you may be gone, but don't think for a second that I don't have the Styx and J.Geils Band 33s you got me for my birthday and a forever lasting childhood memories. (got rid of the centerfold) Your friendship made my childhood amazing - and I know how lucky I was to live down the street from a friend that made life fun, even waiting for the bus and having you beam a tennis ball at my ass (vice-versa) as we waited for the bus at the Davidoff's house. At Woodglen Elementary school, when you ran for class President, I remember making a pin that said "Use your head: Vote for Fred". It's an election year - you've got my vote buddy - I was so happy we had such a great time at our HS reunion, but had no idea it would be our last. May you rest in peace. Also, wishing all of the Gabler's and their extended family my warmest wishes on this difficult day. Leslie, Howard and Jolie, you have an amazing Son/Brother!
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