The Camp Fund

The Fred Gabler Helping Hand Camp Fund was founded to provide financial assistance to camps and programs that allow for children from underserved communities to experience the camaraderie, independence and joy that Fred and many of the Fund’s supporters were fortunate enough to partake in as children and young adults.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an overnight summer camp experience to financially disadvantaged children, which allows them to express creative talents, participate in team sports, learn computer skills, form strong bonds with others, and ultimately increase their self-esteem. We selectively support camps that offer a year-round mentoring program with the ultimate goal of empowering children to make appropriate life choices.

The organizations the Fund continues to support include:

Project Morry (Morry’s Camp):
Fiver Children’s Foundation (Camp Fiver):
Camp Vacamas:
S.C.O.P.E. (Summer Camp Opportunities Provide an Edge):
Camp Felix:
Camp Broaderway:

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Fred Gabler Helping Hand Camp Fund consists of friends and family members who were extremely close to Fred. The Board is dedicated to a cause that Fred would have been proud to be associated with, and honored to keep Fred’s name and memory alive through this organization:

Howard Gabler
Leslie Gabler
Mindy Gabler
Jolie Gabler
Rachelle Diamond
Michael Levine
Robert Michaelson
Brian Pessin
Josh Raskin
Sandy Samberg
Joseph Samberg
Eric Steinert
Michael Winderman

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