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Chris Georges wrote on September 11, 2007
Unbelievable job on the site. The photos are incredible and shows the love that Da Bug had for his family and friends. Im glad im one of them. We all love and miss you Freddie!
Filly wrote on September 11, 2007
Love it
gene song from franklin lakes, nj wrote on September 11, 2007
This site is incredible.. nice job windy and all those involved. Why is Nagel in all of the Cornell pictures.. probably b/c kappa sig much cooler than phi sig delt sig..(x manoff). Yes, JP'ers that was a nice shot of Freddie's super thin glasses and my svelt content..clearly a top
Liz and Ken Altschul wrote on September 11, 2007
Liz and Ken Altschul from New City, N.Y. wrote on September 11, 2007
What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful guy.Our love to all the Gablers.
Kathy (Mrs. David) Meyerson from Poughkeepsie, NY wrote on September 11, 2007
What a wonderful remembrance. I teach 2nd grade. Every year, 9/11 gets harder because my students are too young to remember the day. Today, after our usual 9/11 activities (coloring flags, singing patriot songs, observing a moment of silence), I opened up this website on our classroom computer. I shared Fred's story with my students and then we all looked at his pictures. For a group of 6, 7, and 8 year old children in Poughkeepsie, Fred was their "face of 9/11". Thank you for making it available.
NANCY GOLDBERG from NEW CITY, NY wrote on September 11, 2007
What a marvelous web-site that all of you created about Fred. He touched everyone that he knew and met. Thanks so much to Leslie, Howard, Jolie, Mindy and Alexis for keeping Fred's memory alive. Nice seeing all of the New City gang and the gang from Cornell. Love Nancy
Vino from Rye, NY wrote on September 11, 2007
It's been a long day with many emotions, but I'm comforted by the time spent with so many of the people that loved this kid today and hope that this website, this Fund, and all of our collective love will be a lasting legacy for Alexis to enjoy as she grows even more beautiful and curious about her old man. I hope that sometime soon, I can get her to laugh at the photo in the Misc. FRB gallery with him pointing to the plumbers crack on the little kid on his dad's shoulders, as to me, that's Freddy. I hope the site can continue to flourish, like the fund has and will last for many many years with all of our support.
Carey from Arlington, Virginia wrote on September 11, 2007
Steve and I have been poring over this site tonight. Clicking our way through Fred's incredible life and legacy made for a very emotional experience, and that's just what we needed on this sad day. I live just a mile from the Pentagon, so I'm reminded of the day I lost my friend almost daily. Fred was a huge part of my childhood - it's hard to believe that I was my daughter's age when we met - and the hysterical photos brought back such great memories (Did I actually release that one from '86?). I am blessed to have grown up among such fine, funny company. Mindy, Leslie, Howard, Jolie and Alexis ... you are so often in my thoughts. Much love to the entire family, and to my wonderful, old friends. Great job to everyone involved in making this! And thank you. With absolute warmth, Carey
Carey from Arlington, Virginia wrote on September 11, 2007
BTW, it truly is an honor to be archived by this outstanding group as The Bug's Date with Big Hair. Carey
Michael Winderman from Rye, NY wrote on September 10, 2007
THANK YOU. I wanted to take the opportunity at the launch of this site to thank the creators of the website, Ellen and Noah Krugel, for the time and effort they have so generously donated to the Camp Fund and the memory of Freddy by working to design everything on these pages. Ellen, a Clarkstown North Ram herself, and her husband Noah have given us all something that we will value for years to come. I can't thank them enough. Ellen and Noah run a web design company that you can learn more about at
Michael Winderman from Rye, NY wrote on September 10, 2007
As another September 11 passes, it's hard to believe we've been without Freddy for so long. It is comforting that his memory is still so strong, as even as I write this I can hear him saying "Great site Winderman - only took you six years to get it done." The intent is for this site to serve as both a source of information and updates for the Fred Gabler Helping Hand Camp Fund, as well as a place to preserve our memories and thoughts of The Bug. Please use the site to keep up with the news and events of the Camp Fund. The message board has been designed for friends and family to post messages for any purpose - be it a thought or memory of Fred, a message to Fred, or just an update regarding what's going on in the lives of Fred's friends and family. Love you and miss you Freddy. Winderman
Howard Gabler from New City, NY wrote on September 10, 2007
Wow!! And launched on 9/10/07. Michael, I can't thank you enough for getting this done and of course Ellen and Noah Krugel, and their firm, EPK Designs for producing this site. Everyone should know that Ellen and Fred were friends from early childhood. Being the date that it is, I am too emotional to absorb it all, but through the tears I can see that it is a fabulous site. Leslie and I thank all those who have called and sent author_emails as we approach 9/11 again. You can't imagine how comforting it is to know that your thoughts are with us. Love, Howard
Howard Gabler from New City, NY wrote on September 10, 2007
To my darling son Fredric, This site is a tribute to you. You are loved and missed every day but on these few days the missing is overwhelming. Until we meet again, Love Dad
Neil from ny, ny wrote on September 10, 2007
lovely job michael some of those photos are absolutely hilarious
JP wrote on September 10, 2007
The picture of Geno and Freddy reaching and accord at the Geek Summit of 84' is brilliant. Freddy sure did age well. Geno obviously peaked at 13. Great job Winderman. Freddy I miss you every day. You're always with us.
David Mintz wrote on September 10, 2007
Great job to all those that helped put this terrific site together. We will always have great memories of Freddy and this is another way to celebrate his life. The Bug would be proud........
Jackie wrote on September 10, 2007
This site is amazing! Great job.........
Carol Suss from Hollywood,Fl. wrote on September 10, 2007
What a beautiful tribute to your son Fred. May he always be in the hearts and minds of all who knew and loved him.