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Jennifer Moskowitz from ny, ny wrote on September 11, 2012
I will never forget my first day in high school as a freshmen, fred was a senior......I was so scared. Fred introduce me to the entire basketball team and football team and made me feel soooo comfortable. He was one of the sweetest and loveliest men i have ever had the privilege to know! xoxoxoxo
Tommy Strohmenger from Brooklyn, NY wrote on September 11, 2012
Miss ya Freddy. All the time. Love to all Gablers. Also, I think its hysterical that the Baco gym is named after the Bug. Couldn’t be more fitting. The mental dress down received from Freddy and Nagel growing up was so influential - everything from how slow I ran, to my posture. Pretty important stuff for a 14 year old. Miss you buddy. The stuff you came up with was so good.
Emily Braxton from Parkland, Fl wrote on September 11, 2012
Just wanted to let the Gablers (Aunt Leslie & Uncle Howard) know that you are in my thoughts always, but especially today! xxxx, Emily
Tim Moran from Bronx, NY wrote on September 11, 2012
Looked out on my terrace tonight and saw the tower light shining. Then I said a little prayer for Freddy.
Laurie Katz from Hoboken, NJ wrote on September 11, 2012
On such a sad day, nice to know that Fred must be smiling down on Mindy & family and so proud of all the good they have done in his name. xoxo Laurie
Cheeks from Brooklyn, NY wrote on October 8, 2011
Yesterday Grobie and I chaperoned our 6th graders to the Memorial. Grobie wore the Bazaar shirt from this past summer in Fred's memory. Surreal experience. Grobie found Fred's name cut into the parapet at N26- I think. I did a rubbing of his name in bright crayons in my sketchbook and then added "Baco Pride". I thought of Mindy and Alexis. Grobie told me how awesome Alexis is...obviously she's awesome.
Vino from Rye, NY wrote on September 13, 2011
Many emotions for us all over the last few days. 10 years is an eternity, yet the feelings so easily bring us right back to that terrible time when we lost Freddy. My only solace of his not being with us all everyday is seeing the smile and spirit of his soul live on in the beauty that is Alexis. He would be so proud of what she and Mindy have built over the last decade and how strong and resolute Howard and Leslie in these many years since. I miss him so dearly and am thankful for the love that we shared.
Tommy Strohmenger from Brooklyn wrote on September 11, 2011
Miss ya Bug. Love to all the Gablers.
Michael Fein wrote on September 11, 2011
Never forgotten. R.I.P. Freddy.
Jessica Clothier from Knoxville, TN wrote on September 11, 2011
Praying for the family of Fred today! I received his name at a memorial service today at my college and i just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you on this hard day! Praying for you!
Rob Scheinman SHINEY wrote on February 25, 2011
Today my phone rang at work. I thought it was a headhunter looking to inventory me for a job placement. I was wrong, very wrong. It was your dad who was looking to make contact with me for almost a decade. We shared some great stories about you and life in general. Your dad is a good man who misses you like it was yesterday. It was my pleasure to speak with him today, but clearly his pleasure to be able to call you his son. -Shiney
Pinchas Bauman from The Dead Sea, Is-real wrote on December 25, 2010
He was hard working but always took the time out to say hello. Proud to say I lived in the same house with him one year.
Rick Weiss from Montebello, NY wrote on November 3, 2010
Hey Freddie... I been doing P90X since the summer, but I don't I'll get into your gerth category... Either will Nagel so I don't feel so bad... Rick Weiss saying "Peace out!"
Tommy Strohmenger from Brooklyn wrote on September 11, 2010
Freddy...miss ya dude. Best to all the Gablers. Love, TS
JP wrote on September 11, 2010
Bug, Will always love you like a brother. Think about you everyday. There will never be another like you. Long live the bug. love always, JP
C Kesch from NY, NY wrote on September 11, 2010
Freddy Da Bug: Think of you often, and especially today. Thanks for helping to define my camp experience. Best to your family. Craig
Rob Scheinman wrote on September 11, 2010
Thinking of you often. Time my past but you are far from forgotten. My warmish wishes to Mindy your child and all who have been saddened by the loss of a wonderful person. Shiney
Tim Moran from New York wrote on December 22, 2009
I played baseball with Fred in 8,9, and 10th grade. we had a lot of laughs. sorry about the tragedy.
chris georges from ny, ny wrote on September 11, 2009
da and miss ya buddy! Im still scared of your deadlegs...
Filly from NY, NY wrote on September 11, 2009
love ya, bud