The Fred Gabler Sports Pavilion

The Fred Gabler Sports Pavilion was completed before the summer camp session of 2016. It took 3 years to build.The Board members were invited to the dedication ceremony. So many campers came up to us to thank us for making this building a reality. Rainy days no longer stop them from participating in sports events.

A new dock and literacy room for Camp Fiver

A storm destroyed the dock area at Fiver three years ago and the lake had to be filled in to support a new dock. We gave Fiver the funds to rebuild and the children as well as the counselors are unbelievably excited. This is the result. A plaque will be in place soon.

We also pledged and gave money for their new literacy room and weaving area. The literacy room is already open, and has started book clubs with their special reading counselor, Mabel. To say it is highly successful is an understatement. There is a fabulous collection of books and wonderful cushioned seating for the campers.

2003 – 2017 Past News


SCOPE opens the door to summer camp opportunities to inner-city children, not only from their headquarters in the New York Tri-State area, but also through their affiliates in the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest regions. SCOPE continues to expand throughout the United States with the goal of inspiring and empowering children to make positive contributions to their communities and become self-sustaining adults. The FGHHCF has been supporting SCOPE for 13 years.

Freddy’s kids

Freddy’s kids are all from Carver Center in Port Chester, N.Y. Freddy’s kids all know that FGHHCF is the reason they attend Camp Vacamas. This year the children showed up for our annual meet and greet and we provided gift backpacks filled with items they need for camp including towels, socks, flashlights, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sunblock, insect repellant, pens, sharpie markers for labeling, etc. They hugged the board members who attended the meet and greet and said thank you for sending us to camp!

Camp Felix

This is a group of dance teachers that the FGHHCF hired to teach the kids at Camp Felix to dance and interact with each other. It is boys and girls learning to behave respectfully and partnering with each other.

DMC (from Run DMC) founded Camp Felix. He came to perform at, and give encouragement at the talent show at Camp Felix!

Fiver Children’s Foundation

We have been supporting the Fiver Children’s Foundation since 2002. From our first visit to this beautiful area up near Colgate University, we were impressed by the commitment of the campers and the staff to immerse themselves in the values of the Fiver program… Friendship, Individual development, Valuable team players, Environmentalists, Risk-takers. They commit themselves to a ten year summer program and they are mentored all year long. The goal of Fiver is to empower children from underserved communities to make positive life choices.

Camp BroaderWay on the Today Show

The Fred Gabler Helping Hand Camp Fund supports, A BroaderWay Foundation – a camp for girls from underserved communities, teaching them about the arts, teamwork, friendship, and leadership. Jenna Bush Hager came to camp this summer to film for a day. She interviewed the camp’s founders, Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs, as well as some of the campers. The piece aired on the Today Show on NBC.

Project Morry Gala

The Camp Fund was honored by Project Morry, a year-round youth development organization that provides each child with a multi-year commitment anchored by a unique residential summer camp experience at their 2012 Autumn Elegance event for the work that the fund has done to promote a meaningful camping experience for Morry’s Camp youngsters over the past 11 years. We have made annual visits to Morry’s Camp with the children of our Board Members to enlighten them about the importance of supporting the underserved children of communities so that these children, too will someday continue the support of Morry’s Camp. We have donated over $100,000 to help Morry’s Camp move forward and expand. They recently purchased the land that they use to rent during the summer, we have committed to building them a sports pavilion for $150,000 in addition to our annual program of support.

Camp Vacamas

Project Morry

Morry’s Camp (Project Morry) is the first camp that FGHHCF funded by sponsoring 10 children the first year. over the past 10 years, we have covered costs for hundreds of children, we provided a summer basketball coach, guitarist and songwriter to work with all the children over the summer to enhance their summer experience. Now, the fund pledged 150K to build a sports pavillion for the camp. This year, at their November 15th annual gala – The Fred Gabler Helping Hand Camp Fund is being honored.

Happy children at Project Morry.

A day at Camp Felix (NY Foundling Org)

NY Foundling’s Camp Felix. This is one of the Camps that FGHHCF supports. Felix accepts 80 children for each of 4 weeks of the summer. All of the children are in the child welfare system. Some of the kids are in prevention programs which means their families are receiving support to prevent foster placement. All the children are part of the NY Foundling program throughout the school year.

Happy children at Camp Felix.