The Fred Gabler Sports Pavilion

The Fred Gabler Sports Pavilion was completed before the summer camp session of 2016. It took 3 years to build.The Board members were invited to the dedication ceremony. So many campers came up to us to thank us for making this building a reality. Rainy days no longer stop them from participating in sports events.

A new dock and literacy room for Camp Fiver

A storm destroyed the dock area at Fiver three years ago and the lake had to be filled in to support a new dock. We gave Fiver the funds to rebuild and the children as well as the counselors are unbelievably excited. This is the result. A plaque will be in place soon.

We also pledged and gave money for their new literacy room and weaving area. The literacy room is already open, and has started book clubs with their special reading counselor, Mabel. To say it is highly successful is an understatement. There is a fabulous collection of books and wonderful cushioned seating for the campers.